Builder’s Guide to Developing a Winning Home Tech Strategy

Homeowners and homebuyers are demanding tech-enabled convenience, connectivity and efficiency from their homes like never before. And their preference is not an expensive DIY series of systems installed after they take possession of the home. Their vast preference is that you, the builder, in conjunction with your trade partners, deliver it to them, built in to the home in a high-quality, efficient way.

Furthermore the integrated control and connectivity that tech offers today is just the beginning of technology’s relentless march into the mainstream of new homes. Artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, cloud connectivity and processing will be delivering wave upon wave of new technology-enabled benefits to homebuyers and homeowners.

The opportunity for you as homebuilders to leverage technology, differentiate new homes and gain increased market share as a result has never been greater. But the challenge that comes with that opportunity is great as well.

To help builders develop a winning home tech strategy we’ve put together this free guide.


  • Understanding Market Segments
  • TecHome Product Taxonomy
  • Typical Tech Options Room-by-Room
  • How to Develop Appropriate Business Processes to Sell and Deliver Tech
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