Q2 2020 Housing Stat Pack + TecHome Industry Census

Updated quarterly. A national-level look at housing starts (both single family and multifamily) and housing sales (both new and existing) with history back to 2009 and projections two years forward. Also includes history on permitted value at the national level and drivers like GDP and mortgage rates.

NEW TecHome Industry Census
TecHome Builder has now assembled a collection of housing industry statistics from US Department of Commerce Census of Industries. You can dig on number of companies, employment, payroll and revenue in 10 industry sectors and understand % of revenues captured by companies of different sizes in each. We even developed estimates for home tech revenues and builder tech spending. The Census will help you size Total Available Market and understand how to target your sales and marketing investments efficiently. “Data hounds,” enjoy!

Stat Pack Includes:

  • Summary History and Forecasts
  • Permitted Value by Region
  • Permitted Value by State
  • Permitted Units Region & State
  • Metropolitan Permitted Units & Value
  • Employment by State
  • Employment by Metro
  • New Home Sales by Price Range
  • Construction Put in Place Residential and Non-Residential
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