Scary Good Smart Tech that Makes a New Home or Condo a Treat for your Buyers– No Tricks!

It’s Halloween and we’ve all seen the movies­– a family moves into a new home­, excited for a fresh start– but they don’t realize there are scary things lurking behind the walls! No, it’s not ghosts and goblins but unexpected situations that pop up when they least expect it. Help your customers gain peace of mind with technology that can keep the homeownership nightmares away.

Are You Afraid of the Dark? How about a blackout during an important business call? These days with people working from home, having reliable power is essential. Generac has seen significant growth in back-up power solution demand this year. Generac Rep. Danny Roskamp recommends builders take their cues from the high demand and include it in their construction plans “It’s a cleaner, easier process to have it installed in the home during construction and can save them money as well.” Generac 24 kW Air Cooled Generator is the largest air-cooled generator on the market bringing a lot of power in a smaller package. Watch their product walkthrough.

Ghouls at your door or just your Amazon Delivery? See exactly what’s happening whether at home or away with Elan Video doorbell. You can get a notification that someone is approaching your home on your phone, tablet, or touch panel with Intellivision advanced motion detection, false-positive notifications are virtually eliminated. Take this intelligent doorbell a step further by integrating it with smart locks or other home control devices. See Elan’s new home program presentations.

Screams coming from the neighbor’s T.V.? When it comes to multifamily communities, noise control makes for happy neighbors. Homasote 440 SoundBarrier cellulosic fiber panels are designed to successfully control sound between dwellings. It’s a great solution for an executive home office, too! Some extra treats for builders: These panels save time during construction with no need to pour gypsum, eliminating unnecessary weight on the building and reducing wait time before floor installations (only one day).  Check out Homasote’s Fly-over

Is it the Boogy-Man or are your family members suffering from allergies? Poor air quality can wreak havoc on the health of home occupants. Indoor Air Quality Company Aprilaire has a system of products that manage fresh air, air purity, humidity and communicates with intelligent control to bring it all together. These products provide healthy air for effective virus protection, allergy relief, and reduces the amount of other airborne contaminants in their homes. Watch Aprilaire’s showcase.

Blood dripping from the walls or is it a leak from a rusty pipe? Water damage is a scary thing as it can cause extensive damage to your property and lead to the growth of dangerous toxic mold to form inside walls. Water protection solutions like ePropertyCare’s ADC-SWM150 Smart Water Valve + Flow Meter will monitor water usage anywhere in the building. Whether it’s a running toilet, dripping faucet, or a burst pipe, property owners will have the peace of mind that the building is protected. See ePropetyCares New Cellular Water Solution presentation.

With homeownership, there’s a lot that can go bump in the night, but builders can incorporate tech to keep monster headaches away. These tech products are all treats with no tricks for both the builder and the happy customer.

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By Erin Chartier