Suspended Animation

Dear Technology & Housing Industry Colleagues:

Suspended animation is unsustainable.
Or as Dr. Ian Malcolm said in Jurassic Park: “Life finds a way!”
Whether it be on the jobsite or at your work-from-home set-up, at some point you identify the opportunities and threats, the problems and solutions and decide how to move forward safely, creatively, pragmatically.
For our part, as a company that has been strongly focused on the production of hosted B2B events, the travel and gathering restrictions of the COVID pandemic have spurred a greater focus on information, advice and interactions we can deliver online. We were on this path before the pandemic, but now we’re working more urgently to provide builders, multifamily operators and their trade partners research, guides and the tech vendor connections they need to leverage technology in their homes and businesses. All via online platforms.
Over the next couple of weeks, we’ll be highlighting some of the specific resources you can tap…FOR FREE!
But you don’t need to wait – Click here to gain access today!
John Galante
President & Co-Founder
AE Ventures
Nancy Franco
Executive Vice President & Co-Founder
AE Ventures