A Systematic Approach to Multifamily Tech

John Galante, President of AE Ventures facilitates a discussion with Mike Branham, Director of Multi-family Sales for PointCentral, and Taylor Wiederkehr, Founder & CEO of innovative NOI regarding a systematic approach to multi-family tech. The purpose of this webcast is to introduce a new framework for analyzing investments in multi-family technology, and that's really about ensuring high-quality decisions for the multi-family companies that are considering tech investments.

The discussion begins with the alpha of the multi-family business -- resident experience. If you're not taking care of your residents by giving them an experience in value, there's not much of a business left. You can do everything else right, but if you don't have residents, so what? The reality is most residents already have some form of smart home technology today, and in most cases, they want more of it. They want technology to help simplify their lives and provide more peace of mind as it relates to safety and convenience. Maybe it's just checking to see if their doors are locked when they go to the airport, or just checking to make sure their thermostat was set appropriately, etc. Historically, these customizable options have been unavailable for people who live in rental communities. For this reason, PointCentral offers a single app solution, giving residents the opportunity to customize their lighting, thermostats, etc. all from their mobile devices. This allows the multifamily community to streamline their access, their guest entry, and the in-unit smart technology on a single app that’s integrated with their primary property management software. This is really a game changer for us.

Multifamily companies that decide not to implement new technological features can expect a decrease in interest. Since the GenZ and millennial generations are the ones renting longer, they’re looking for communities that take advantage of the different technological components and features that they’ve grown up with. At this point, they expect those features to be included in their living environments.

Watch the full webcast to learn more about the importance of resident experience, building operations, technology platform compatibility, and financial analysis & performance when evaluating tech.

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