Tech as the Existing Home Differentiator

When you buy a new car, you expect an order of magnitude jump in performance and innovative features vs. the car you bought ten or even five years ago. With new homes, not so much. This segment shows builders options for creating an order of magnitude tech advantage for a new TecHome versus existing homes. Hint: it’s about going beyond tech that’s easily retrofit in an existing home!

Guest: Mike Moore, Moore Leadership & Peak Performance

Mike Moore is a featured keynote speaker, author of Build Trust and a leadership, peak performance, sales and employee development coach. A lifelong learner with over 40 years’ experience in Leadership, Coaching, Sales Training and Employee Development. Mike created Moore Leadership & Peak Performance which includes workshops and coaching sessions that address the specific challenges faced by everyone in the Homebuilding, Building Supply, Floor Covering, Design Center and Retail Industries. He is recognized by Builder & Developer Magazine as a 'Who’s Who in Homebuilding' and in May 2018 Klout rated him in the top 1% on Leadership, Peak Performance and Sales and July 2019 Twitter ranked him #1 in Leadership, Sales Training, Leadership Development, Employee Development, Peak Performance and Homebuilding.


Guest: Melissa Morman -Chief Experience Officer, BDX

Melissa Morman is a member of the original founding executive team of BHI/BDX (Builders Digital Experience) and currently serves as the company’s Chief Experience Officer, managing b2b marketing, sales, and the customer experience. As a woman at the highest levels of what has historically been an industry led by male executives, Melissa has a track record of success in the corporate and non-profit worlds. A sought after speaker, she is an acknowledged expert on sales, marketing, and CRM. Melissa advises top executives of Fortune 500 and smaller companies in the homebuilding, real estate, and building products industries on the digital transformation of their business.


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Technology is transforming homebuilding, making new homes smarter, safer, more connected, greener, healthier, more productive and more entertaining and improving the way new homes are marketed, sold, designed, constructed and cared-for. As builders lean forward into tech, TecHome Builder steps up as the #1 builder technology resource, helping all kinds of builders and multifamily property operators get a handle on the fast-moving challenges and opportunities of tech and quickly take the actions required to turn tech into a strategic advantage.