TecHome Builder Summit Proves Resiliency and Effectiveness of its Event Model in Seattle

Event connects tech leaders from builders and multifamily companies representing $64 billion in 2021 revenue with dozens of innovative vendors just six weeks after successful in-person Louisville event

It was a challenge recruiting VIP builder and multifamily guests in the midst of a pandemic and historic demand and supply chain pressures in residential construction, but somehow the team at AE Ventures got the job done. The event delivered almost 120 guests to 75 sponsors for three days of presentations and meetings at the beautiful Washington State Convention Center in Seattle, Oct. 5-7 for the second 2021 TecHome Builder Summit. Guest companies represented $64 billion in annual revenue and almost 200,000 housing units built per year.

Responses to the post-Summit survey show strong positive impacts on tech posture and action plans among builder and multifamily company guests:

We’ll be working on including more technology in our homes/units as a result of the Summit100%100%100%
We’ll be working on developing strong upgrade paths for home tech as a result of the SummitN/A100%100%
We’ll be working on including more technology in shared spaces as a result of the Summit100%N/AN/A
We’ll be working on including more technology in the operating infrastructure of our properties as a result of the Summit100%N/AN/A
We’re in a better position to select specific tech products for our homes as a result of the Summit100%100%100%
I got information and advice at the Summit that will help me improve our company’s technology strategy100%100%100%
We’re in a better position to select integrators and other tech subcontractors for our properties as a result of the Summit.100%100%80%
I made valuable business contacts with peers at the Summit100%100%100%
I was motivated and inspired by my experience at the Summit100%90%100%
I am considering switching vendors/integrators/subcontractors as result of interactions at the Summit75%80%70%
I learned more about sponsor products and services at the Summit100%100%100%
I established and enhanced relationships with sponsors at the Summit100%100%100%
The Summit was a professionally managed and produced event100%89%100%

The key overall indicators of event quality and customer satisfaction were stronger than ever as well.

  • Star Ratings: Guests 4.5 | Sponsors 4.2
  • Net Promoter Scores: Guests +64 | Sponsors +40 

Guest Survey Feedback:

  • Great meeting and insight into the myriad of tech solutions out there. Coming from a national production builder background moving to luxury homes these types of events are very useful for me as I am being introduced to companies that focus on the higher end market. The networking at some of the breaks were great too as I learned and shared some tools I use in the field.
  • The summits always inspire me and help me introduce topics back into my company when I return.
  • It was a well-organized event with lots of information provided. The vendors were all very accommodating and were ready to answer questions and provide insights to what they can offer. Everyone also seemed to be on the same page with the desire to further smart home technology as a group. No one was saying their stuff is better than anyone else’s, just ready to provide information on what they can offer and how to improve the buyer/homeowners experiences.
  • Very well run, tons of information to stay abreast with the quickly changing technology. Morning live panels were awesome.
  • It was a very professional experience with great insights from vendors and industry leaders. Excited to implement some of these tech products to our projects.
  • It was a great experience and introduction to a myriad of new products and solutions that the production builders ignore.
  • Well managed. Great show despite COVID complications.
  • Every vendor and every session completely worth it.
  • It was great to attend in person and start some new relationships. I thought a lot of the content was very relevant.

Sponsors Survey Feedback:

  • I like that TecHome is a very purpose driven event. Having one-on-ones and boardrooms helps create a more substantial relationship with a future client/customer.
  • Great participation, every meeting was attended.
  • Really loved the opportunity to connect one on one with so many incredible people and companies.
  • I loved the experience!

Summit participants deployed across three tracks of general session content and vendor deep-dive boardroom presentations (HiVOL, LUX and MultiFam). The Summit also featured announcement of the of TecHome Brilliance Awards.

“TecHome Builder Seattle confirmed the resilience and effectiveness of the AE Ventures hosted-event model,” said AE Ventures president, John Galante. “We were able to deliver a quality, motivated audience of VIP guests in conformance with our deliverable obligations to sponsors. And that was a heck of an accomplishment in the time frame in which we fought that battle. Our content is getting better and better, too. We’re looking forward to a ton of growth and improvement as the pandemic eases further in 2022.”

For more info on AE Ventures future events for innovative builders, multifamily companies and vendors, contact Nancy Franco at [email protected].