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According to a Hanley Wood study, 80% of home builders say their customers request Smart Home features some or all of the time. Your homebuyers are evaluating you in part on the technology you offer. This is especially true of your Millennial homebuyers. That’s why it’s important to offer technology that truly adds value and to work with a brand like Samsung, that helps you position yourself as a Smart Home Builder.

Samsung offers the broadest portfolio of connected products that cross key product categories for homebuilders like Smart Home, Appliances, HVAC, TV, Mobile, and small appliances such as Robot vacuums and Air purifiers. Not only do we produce connected products for all of these categories, but we are the market leader in most of them, and each of our products is built to work on a unified cloud and app, which we call SmartThings. It’s one simple app for total home control and automation.

One of the coolest capabilities that result from having all of our products utilize the same cloud and app is that when someone rings your Ring or Nest Doorbell Camera, you can see them directly on your TV or Family Hub refrigerator, and can even speak to them through those devices and open the door if you have your hands full. You can even see what’s inside your fridge, while watching TV. Samsung offers a vision of the smart home that is only possible because of our leadership in each of these key product categories.

But SmartThings is more than just the app for Samsung products. It’s a One App Solution that enables a user to control and automate their entire home, whether they are at home or away, via voice or app, using any of the more than 5000 products from over 200 leading brands that integrate seamlessly with the SmartThings ecosystem. When you think about it, it’s quite amazing that all of this connectivity is available in one simple app on iOS or Android, that costs nothing to download. You’ll find support for some of your favorite brands like Schlage, Kwikset, Nest, Honeywell, Ecobee, Trane, Genie Garage, Rinnai, and many more.

There’s another way that you can lead in your markets, and that’s with Connected Appliances. Wi-Fi appliances were first introduced to the market by Samsung back in 2010, and have been gaining in adoption ever since. In 2016, we launched the Family Hub refrigerator, the first refrigerator with its own display, which to this day is still in a class by itself.

Samsung’s Family Hub™, now with Alexa built-in, helps you stay connected to your family and home, whenever and wherever.


Although Connected Appliances do cost more, the difference in price with non-connected appliances has been drastically reduced, leading to increased adoption and new opportunities for you. Due to the traditionally higher price point, consumer ownership of smart appliances is still around 4-6%. That might sound low, but actually, it presents the perfect opportunity for homebuilders to offer a step up to a connected lifestyle that homeowners haven’t experienced before.

Custom/Luxury builders have led the way, with 50% installing smart appliances as a budgeted item or as an upgrade in the past year, according to a Park Associates study. But they aren’t alone. Production builders have also taken advantage of the opportunity to set themselves apart, with 33% putting in connected appliances as standard to differentiate their offering.

To understand why this is an opportunity right now, just think about cup holders in cars. It wasn’t too long ago that cup holders were a differentiating new feature, but just a few years later, every car had them. Pretty soon, most all appliances will be connected, and the opportunity to set yourself apart will have passed.

But why buy Samsung’s connected appliances? Simply put, they present a very appealing sales story to prospective homebuyers, especially when demonstrated in a model home. To help you with that, we’ve added Wi-Ficonnectivity to every range we make, so that you can take that first step even with our base package. They are also very high quality. Samsung Receives More J.D. Power Awards for Kitchen and Laundry Appliances Than Any Other Brand in 2021 for Third Consecutive Year. And, because they come from Samsung, your trusted technology partner, they’ll continue to evolve, as we invent new ways to improve the lives of the people that use them.

In a world in which technology changes so rapidly, and new startups come on the scene every day, Samsung has been, is, and will continue to be a partner you can trust to deliver the very latest in innovative products, where form and function are not mutually exclusive, and where you can depend on our commitment to your success.

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Parks & Associates 2020 Builder Study

Samsung received the highest number of awards in the J.D. Power 2021 U.S. Appliance Satisfaction Study.