The Biggest Coolest TecHome Ever!

In July 2021, Savant Systems unveiled Vegas Modern 001, a luxury new home model brought to life in partnership with Las Vegas-based design-led firm, Blue Heron, and technology integrator Eagle Sentry. The 15,000 square foot home is designed with the latest technology advances, all hidden in plain sight. We’ll show and tell the story of this extraordinary luxury property via a virtual walkthrough, then dive into the trade relationships and bottom-line benefits of leveraging an asset like this for builders. With Guest: Aaron Gutin, Savant


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Streamlining the Home-Buying Experience with Modsy

Model homes can be a great way to show potential buyers a sneak peek of what life might look like in a development. But these spaces have their limitations and require building the model, hiring designers and getting buyers to see the space in-person. Modsy offers a highly customized virtual design for developers and builders who want...

Tech as the Existing Home Differentiator

When you buy a new car, you expect an order of magnitude jump in performance and innovative features vs. the car you bought ten or even five years ago. With new homes, not so much. This segment shows builders options for creating an order of magnitude tech advantage for a new TecHome versus existing homes....

#1 Builder Technology Resource

Technology is transforming homebuilding, making new homes smarter, safer, more connected, greener, healthier, more productive and more entertaining and improving the way new homes are marketed, sold, designed, constructed and cared-for. As builders lean forward into tech, TecHome Builder steps up as the #1 builder technology resource, helping all kinds of builders and multifamily property operators get a handle on the fast-moving challenges and opportunities of tech and quickly take the actions required to turn tech into a strategic advantage.