Webcast: 12 New Ways to Sell Healthy Homes

Webcast: 12 New Ways to Sell Healthy Homes

I’d like to talk about your health. And your family’s health. And without a speed-reading of nasty, embarrassing side effects.

Doesn’t just about everyone want a healthy environment for themselves and their families?

TecHome Builder recently kicked off its webcast series with one on Riding the Red Hot Healthy Home Trend. I’m proud we led off our webcast series with healthy home, because you and your family’s health should be the first thing. That means any new home should be a healthy home. I encourage you to take a look at the webcast video below.TecHome Webcast automated ventilation

The webcast contains a lot of good information on indoor air quality (IAQ) and how a very green and efficient Passive House in North Carolina is using healthy home technologies like a conditioning energy recovery ventilator (CERV), as well as volatile organic compound (VOC) trapping drywall.

After researching this webcast, I am convinced that healthy home tech is a must for every new home, especially those built tight and green, because they can collect stale, unhealthy air.

I am also convinced that healthy home tech can be used to cross-market with many other home technologies, and not just ventilation systems and fans and central vacuum.

“Healthy home is such as easy sell, especially to families with young kids,” says Michael McDonald, director of marketing and business development for high-end homebuilder Ryan Associates’ San Francisco area office.


Short List to Healthy Profits

TecHome Webcast Toxic 121. Safety—Smoke, carbon monoxide and radar detectors. This stuff is life and death.

2. Green—Energy efficiency with limited fumes and exhaust from boiler/furnace.

3. Plumbing fixtures—Microbial resistant and touchless faucets are healthy additions to the kitchen and bath.

4. Water features/pool and spa—Water is a calming element. Our bodies are made up of mostly water. We can’t live without it and yearn to be near it. Water should be showcased as a revered life source that must also be conserved. Are you taking note, luxury builders?

5. Radiant HVAC—Concrete and tile floors with radiant heat eliminate allergen-trapping carpets. It’s much healthier and more energy efficient.

6. Building materials—There are VOC-scavenging drywall, smog-reducing roof tiles and we suspect a lot more systems trapping toxins and other household baddies.

7. Lighting—Setting the right mood is relaxing. But how about LED lamps that emit no blue light for better sleep patterns or to charge you up?

8. Foodie tech—In the hearth of home, healthy cooking and eating can be a powerful lifestyle sale. Steam ovens, anyone?

9. Chef’s gardens—Organic herb gardens and chef walls of herbs can and should become popular amenities.

10. Outdoor living—Being outside, in your own healthy home … what could be better?

11. Music—Yes, music! It soothes the savage and not-so-savage beast. Combine it with outdoor living and foodie tech and pour yourself a healthy glass of red wine.

12. Home theater—Don’t sell it as AV on steroids. It’s family fun time, in a game room/gathering space buyers can also use for parties. Often located next to a wine cellar in high-end luxury homes.

We are sure there are many more healthy home connections and crossover marketing opportunities—and we didn’t even cover the emerging market for digital home health technologies.

I can assure you: This webcast will not cause internal hemorrhaging, migraines that last for days, inappropriate swelling, stomach ulcers, bleeding, constipation, colitis or thoughts of suicide.

The only side effect it may produce is builders making a lot more money.

I am pushing these crossover healthy home concepts at the TecHome Builder LUX conference taking place Oct. 20 to 22 in Pasadena, Calif. We’ll soon file a follow-up report on builder feedback from LUX.

Until then, please enjoy our webcast:

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