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Webcast- Healthy Home Tech

Health and wellness technologies in new homes are rising in demand for obvious reasons. In this session, we’ll address air quality, water quality, anti-microbial tech and how lighting and environmental technologies contribute to wellness. We’ll also focus on practical packages that builders can consider in tech assortments for multiple markets. Hot topic. Great presenters.  

Webcast-New Home Digital Marketing

Social distancing is accelerating a long-underway trend toward virtual/digital marketing of new homes. This webcast taps the insights of frontline experts who are mapping the increased use, successes and failures of new home digital marketing tools and tactics.  

Webcast-Work or Learn from Home

More than half of America has been forced to work/learn-from-home due to COVID 19 lockdowns. While many will return to the office and classroom soon, this 2020 crash course is certain to spark much higher levels of demand for robust work/learn-from-home set-ups—a trend that builders and multifamily operators will want to address to give their...

Webcast-Home Tech Merch 101

What is a Merchandising Plan? It lays out your product assortment, packaging and pricing. It ensures you look comprehensively at your options and select strategically. It provides the upfront certainty and strategy you need to optimize marketing and maximize sales. And for no category of products has merchandise planning ever been more appropriate or necessary...