Welcome to the TecHome Builder Blog

Dear Technology & Housing Industry Colleagues,

This month marks the launch of the TecHome Builder blog and webcast series as we expand the information and advice we’ll be providing online. I will be the principal contributor to the blog for starters and principal host and chief provocateur of the webcast series.

It’s been a while since I donned the togs of a journalist as CE Pro and TecHome Builder editor-in-chief in the late 90s and early 00s. I never really dug reporting and was more of an op-ed writer, with lots of opinions and crack-pot ideas that, at times, folks in the industry have decided to follow or run with.

That will be my modus operandi (along with the occasional use of Latin phrases and four-syllable words) in this blog.

I’ll be watching and reporting on what I see in the world of tech and homebuilding, but not just reflecting the market. You can count on me to vision and rant and challenge everyone to go faster and further.

I can’t help myself, but hopefully, I can help you.